Many website owners make mistakes when it comes to generating traffic. They focus too much on getting traffic using meager search engine optimization techniques rather than focusing on high-quality content. It is very easy to understand why content is king. To answer this question well, I would like to ask you a couple of questions:
Do you develop a website for search engines or for humans?
Do you generate revenue from search engines or from people?
The above questions may seem stupid; however, they have a meaning which I will talk about at the end of this article. Lets understand why content is king.

Why people visit a website

I am sorry if I am sounding haughty by asking all these questions. However, it is important to understand why people visit a website in order to know why content is king. The most probable reasons can be: they are looking for some information, they want to contact you, they want to buy a product or service or they want to compare a product or service’s cost with yours.
When visitors visit a website and don’t get the answer they are looking for, they will move on to the next option. Not only that they are not likely to visit that website again. This is where quality content works as a game-changer. If a website has quality content, it will not only get traffic but also convert those visitors into potential buyers of service or product offered by that website. Once a visitor forms an opinion about a website, it is very unlikely that it will change. That is why quality content is important.

Search Engines also face competition

It is generally said that search engines love high-quality original content but why do they love it? We all are customers of search engines although we don’t pay them directly. They earn because we use them. If we stop using them, they’ll have no visitors, no buyers of ads resulting in zero revenue. Search engines also understand this thing. That is why they aim to provide the best results to users.
In the answer of, “Does Google have a monopoly in search?”

Why content is king

It shows that even search giant like Google is worried about competition. If people don’t get relevant results from a search engine and there is all spam links, people will look for an alternative. No business wants to lose its customer neither Search engines.

No one likes spam

No visitor would like a website or web page that is not giving any value. People hate spam like anything. Even if a website succeeds in getting a visitor using search engine optimization tactics or any other way it is not likely to convert that visitor into a buyer until it has quality content. The quality content can help a website sell a comb to a bald person.

In the starting of this article, I put a couple of questions across you. They were stupid questions because we all know its people who help any business to generate revenue. When revenue comes from people, a website owner creates a website for people. Search engines are only mediums to get traffic but now search engines are smart enough to recognize quality content and distinguish it from SEO spam.