Web design and development process


Collecting information

We believe in converting your dream into a reality. In the first step we conduct a short round of interview with you so that we could know about your vision and help you to convert that into reality. We put your convenience at our priority. You may choose to chat with us, have a Skype call or provide us required information via email. It all depends on your convenience. We ask you about your target audience, business objective etc. All this information helps us in our next step, Planning.


We use information collected in the first step to draw a plan for your website. We draw a wireframe, sitemap so that we could make an effective design for your website. We keep in mind every single detail to plan the best possible website for you. The details gathered from you in the first step are used to plan a website that matches your vision.


Design is the process of applying information gathered in first step and plan created in the second step to put in a visual design format. It is a visual representation of how your website will look upon getting live. We seek for your approval before moving to the next step so that things are according to your choice.


Once design is final, development of your website comes in the picture. The visual design is converted into web page format. We keep the development process open and transparent. You are free check development status any time. We also appreciate your suggestions and comments on the development of your website to ensure that you website looks exactly the way you want.

Quality check and Testing

Once development is over, we test your website so that it meets all the standards that were set during the planning step. We check functionality of all scripts, newsletters, contact forms etc., so the final product is bug free. Once it is tested to be bug free, it becomes ready for the launch.


Once we have ensured that website is bug free and ready to launch we put it on your servers. It is official launch of your website. If you are managing your website hosting and domain name yourself, we recommend you to point your name servers to your web hosting company’s domain name servers in case both domain name and website hosting are with different providers. We recommend you to do it at least 24 hours before the launch of the website as DNS changes may take 24 hours to propagate. In case you have given the responsibility of managing hosting and domain name to us, we will take care of it.


It is not required for every website, however, as search engines love fresh content; we recommend you to keep your site updated by adding new and fresh content. If you get your website built in content management systems like WordPress, it will be easy for you to update it yourself, however, if you ever need our help; we are always there for you. We offer one month free maintenance on all our packages and thereafter, we have very economical packages that you can opt for to get maintenance service for your website.

Let's Work Together

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