Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process for a website

Here is a short description given of our search engine optimization process for a website. It gives you an overview of search engine optimization process we follow. Please go through the page to learn how SEO works for a website.

Client interview

A short round of interview let us know about your objective, your competitors, your desired keywords etc. We ensure that before starting work to achieve your objective we both are clear about the process. We give you an overview of our SEO process so that things are transparent and clear.

Research & reporting

(keyword research, competition research/measuring current ranking, page rank, measurement of current content, total words and total pages on website)

Keyword research

This is the one of the most important step in search engine optimization process. We select keywords that not only have high volume of searches but also have less competition. For example, if you are a web design and development company based in Rajpura, Punjab (India); the search with keyword “Web design and Development Company” has a lot more competition than the “Web design and development company in Rajpura”. Hence using keyword phrase “Web design and Development Company in Rajpura” gives more chances of higher ranking.

Competition research

After getting an idea from you regarding your competition, we do a research for the same at our end using both online and offline metrics. It helps us to know the areas where your website is lagging behind than the competitors. We give more importance weak areas of your website so that you beat your competitors in every aspect.


We prepare a report of your website’s current ranking with the given keywords, monthly hits etc. We also measure your site’s content per page. We note total words and pages on your site. It helps us to measure the success of your website’s SEO plan by letting us know starting point.

SEO Plan

Once the reporting part is over, we prepare a complete SEO plan for your website. We use information collected in earlier parts to draw this plan. In this part we decide how current content on the site can be modified to make it more search engine friendly, areas on which your site needs more work, how many total pages or total content needs to added is to make it search engine optimized.

On page optimization

Once we have a plan for your website, we move for the actual optimization changes on your website. On page optimization includes modifying your current content for its format, hyperlinks, titles, h1, h2, h3 tags etc. If current content on your site is not enough to catch search engines’ attention, we add more content. Apart from it your on page optimization also includes image optimization, page’s loading speed improvement etc.

Off page optimization

It includes submitting your website to search engines like Google, Bing. Creating and submitting sitemap for your website to major search engines on the web. We also help your site to be easily found on web by submitting it to major directories.

Reviewing and reporting

According to the set up plan we review your website from time to time for improvements. Search engines launch new algorithms and we ensure that your site is optimized for them.

Search Engine Optimization Process continues…

We believe that search engine optimization is a process and not a project. Your site continuously needs to be optimized and updated with fresh and unique content as search engines love fresh and unique content.

Realistic approach to search engine optimization process

Search engine optimization process does not guarantee top rankings or immediate results. Depending on search engines it may take from weeks to months for your site’s ranking improvement. There is no guarantee of top rankings and no one can guarantee top rankings in search engines. If an SEO company claims that they will get your site in top rankings in a matter of few days, beware, you’ll just lose your money and if they use black hat SEO practices, your site will ultimately banned or penalized by search engines. Search engines, for example, Google uses more than 200 factors to rank a website and not all the factors are disclosed by them. There are many theories but we use those white hat practices which have been proven effective in long run. We ensure you value for money work with no fake promises.

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