You have had worked really hard on your WordPress website and all of a sudden you see a completely blank screen. There is nothing. You try going to wp-admin and see if something is wrong in back end. To your surprise it also gives a totally blank screen. You are just not sure what to do and how to go about fixing it.
If I say “WordPress white screen of death” is one of the most common WordPress errors then it will not be an overstatement. Many WordPress users face this error. If you are experiencing the same error, please do not panic. Every problem has a solution. To fix any problem we first must find and understand the reason of the problem. Error log file can help you to find where things went wrong. You can access error log file after login to your FTP account under root directory. If you find anything that indicates about the problem, go and fix that. If you do not find a clue in there, here are a few common reasons for the error and their solutions:

Check with your hosting company:

You may also check if your other sites on the same server working or not as sometimes it can be server issue as well. You may try contacting your hosting company to confirm that.

Plugin compatibility:

The most common reason for the error is that your any plugin has some compatibility issues and that is causing this error. If you remember the plugin name you installed and got this error appearing, deactivate that plugin straight away. (Please make sure you have back up of your all files and database before doing these troubleshooting steps.) Do not worry if you are not able to login to your WordPress admin panel, you can still login to your FTP account. After login go to wp-content folder and then plugins folder to find your plugin that you think to be reason for the issue. You can delete/rename that plugin from there and check if that works. If not, please read below.
WordPress white screen of death error
In case you are not sure what plugin may be causing this issue as you installed many plugins in your last working session or last step didn’t work, you can simply rename your plugins folder. You can rename it from “plugins” to “old_plugins” or anything that helps you to remember that it is your old plugin folder. Once you have done that, try refreshing your browser to see if your website is back or not.

Theme issues:

If it was not a plugin, then it can be your theme. Change your theme to default twenty thirteen or twenty fourteen theme. For this you can try renaming your current theme folder and check if that works.
These are two most common reasons and most of the time fixes the problem, however there can be some other reasons as well.

WordPress memory exhausted error:

You could get its clue from error log file. If it indicates that something is wrong with memory and you need to fix that in order to get your website working again. You can increase PHP memory from FTP. You need to add below code in the wp-config.php file’s main php tag:
define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '64M');
If 64M is not enough in your case, you can increase it more to 90M or 128M.

Reinstalling WordPress:

Most likely above fixes will resolve the issue, however in an unlikely event it is possible that your any of the install files are corrupted and reinstalling WordPress can help you in getting it fixed. As I mentioned above as well, before making any changes, please take proper back up of your WordPress website and its database, so that you do not lose all your hard work.
In an unfortunate case if you are not able to fix it yourself using above methods, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to your promptly and help you in resolving this issue. In case you find any other method to fix this issue, please let us know in comments below. It will help other users in resolving this WordPress error. After all sharing is caring.