Here is a great tip to convert any YouTube video into a gif image in seconds

Ever wanted to convert a YouTube video to GIF format, but didn’t want to get in the hassle of downloading apps and doing all that technical process involved? Well, no more it is going to be same difficult process. You can simply convert any video clip into a gif file by just adding “gif” ahead of YouTube video’s URL. Here is an example:
Suppose you want to convert below video URL into a .gif format:
youtube video into gif
For this you simply put gif ahead of, as shown below:
You can select the time from which you want to create the GIF and length of the GIF.
how to change youtube video to gif
Easy, isn’t it? Try it yourself. It is not an official trick from YouTube and they may come up with something to break it down, maybe as it uses their trademark domain in the URL. This was a project by the creators of GIF centric iOS messaging app Glyphic. Rory O’Reilly one of the tech wizards behind it tells himself homeless on Facebook.