A startup company stands for a company that came into existence or a newly started company. Generally, a startup company wants to come in front of customers and business groups. So, marketing through social media networks is one of the best options available for companies.

Meaning of Social media marketing

Social media marketing is also known as digital marketing and e-marketing. It is the use of the social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Linked in, and youtube to make brand awareness and generate more sales for the business in an indirect way. Social media marketing benefits the business in such a way that, it allows the users to reach your website and which leads to higher traffic on your own website, and as a result, you will be renowned by many businesses.

8 social media marketing benefits for startup companies.

Social media marketing is used nowadays by almost every business. On a data, 70 % of businesses use the social media marketing strategy to flourish their business.

The benefits of social media marketing are enumerated below:

1. Customer reach: One of the benefits of social media marketing is that more customers will reach your website if you are doing social media marketing. The new customers get connected if they like your post on social media and if they like it they want to share it among more people and groups. Resultant, the area of your connection goes high and you will be advantaged by it.

2. Reasonable: Organic social media marketing (in which you create content on a specific topic and share it on social media) is a reasonable way to make awareness about the business in which you are dealing. Although, there are some other marketing ideas available this seems to be the best and costs none. On the other hand, there is the availability of non-organic marketing methods in which you have to pay for the advertisements which incur costs to a startup company which can be some expensive.

3. Brand recognition: For startup companies, it is essential to get recognized by people and business groups. The other benefit of social media marketing is that business brand will gain popularity, and builds a different image in the mind of people.

4. Business Growth: The business will grow at a great pace and more products and services are advertised in front of customers. If we start giveaways with the product offers then there is more probability to get more orders from customers. More income will be generated if they buy the products in bulk and demand more.

5. Search engine optimization: The Great social media presence can improve the business’s search results on google. When you build special brand recognition in the market then more people want to find you on google and on other search engines.

6. New followers: The new followers will get increased on your social media profile and they click on your profile, they read your bio and if you are having a website then they search for that and the rating, reviews, and customer feedback about the products on your website tells the people that how much genuine you are in actual.

7. Generate more leads: The lead comes before the sale process initiation. In lead generation, we get the name, email address, and mobile number of the customers who will turn into actual purchasers. Moreover, you can contact them at your convenience and tell them about the special offers and discounts on the purchase of the products and services.

8. Market research: Last but not least benefit of social media marketing is that customer behavior, choices, taste, and preferences are generally observed through Twitter, Instagram.


How market research can be done through social media marketing?

Twitter and Instagram have the option to conduct polls and surveys. When we create polls in our stories then the audience selects the option of their choice so from there we can find their choice regarding specific things and we design our products according to their needs.

From the above-discussed points, it is evident that these days Social media marketing is the best channel to grow business online. Although, there are some other alternatives available for marketing business products and services. But Facebook is one of the best platforms to grow a business because through it you can create a business page and also create advertisements via it.

Finally, We can say that it is a great source for startup companies to build a social networks with customers and to maintain business recognition in this competitive world where everyone uses methods to grow their business.