Content Writing Process

We have divided content writing process in seven steps so that we could deliver excellent content for your needs and it exceeds your expectations. Please have a look at our content writing process:

Gathering information

We look for information from you to know your objective for developing the content; it includes subjects of the articles, keywords if you would like to use any, target audience, writing style preference, article’s total length in words, competitors online, offline etc. Once it is done, we move to next step, and that is Research.


We do a thorough research for your given subject. We believe in delivering unique content so we want to ensure that what we deliver does not exist already on the web. We use all possible ways of research from online to offline. We know that it is quality content that makes the difference. We avoid duplicate content and plagiarism. Once our content writers have done through research they move to next step.

Content writing plan

Before moving to actual content writing work, we believe in setting up a plan for it. It includes:

Search engine optimized content

We create a plan for the title tags (h1, h2, h3 etc), keywords to be used, keyword density, outbound links, links to other pages on your website etc. All this helps us to create search engine friendly content.

Image optimization

We optimize images for the best user experience, their alignment on the page is set, size is kept to minimum so that page loading speed is fast, alt tags are created, based on keywords name is given to the images. All these points not only help in creating a user friendly page but also search engines love it.

Optimization for audience

We know that different people have different taste and also culture and language differs in different regions of the world. We set a plan to create content for your target audience so that it appeals to them and they come again and again to your website.

Content development

Once we have set an agenda, we start working on the content. We pay special attention to grammar and sentence structure. We want to keep it simple and jargon free so that readers don’t get confuse. A satisfied and happy reader will work for you like a marketer by liking and sharing your content. We keep sentences and paragraphs short. We believe that quality content is the king. We keep it precise and effective.

Copy Editing

This step helps us to refine the content. We discard any information that is not relevant to the subject. It helps us to keep it targeted on the topic, which makes it precise and effective. We also check it for the quality so that it meets the set criteria in second step.

Proof reading

Most of the people often confuse copy editing with proof reading. However, there is difference between both. In copy editing, editors can make certain changes in the content to make it more effective without getting it deviated from the subject. This is not the case in proof reading. Proof reading helps to eliminate any spelling, grammar, sentence structure and punctuation mistakes. It also helps to correct usage of fonts, spacing, bold, italics etc. It does not allow changes to the subject matter but helps to remove any mistakes in the content.

Putting your content online

Once we are satisfied with the written content, we send it for your approval. After your approval we put it on your website. We take care of its format so that it matches with the website’s design. Not only that, even after putting written content online, if you would like to edit something in that we would be happy to do that for you.

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