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Want to know how much Google knows about you?

Google tracks your every step and you can check it yourself How to check your Google location history? If you want to find out how much Google knows about you, you need to visit: Google Location history (You need to login with your Google account). Now, select any...

Best free VPN (Virtual Private Network) service providers

Unblock blocked websites, hide your IP and protect your privacy with free VPNs Virtual Private Network or VPN is a great way to secure oneself from online threats while using the Internet. It encrypts your internet connection so that data sent over the internet is not...

How to fix WordPress white screen of death error?

You have had worked really hard on your WordPress website and all of a sudden you see a completely blank screen. There is nothing. You try going to wp-admin and see if something is wrong in back end. To your surprise it also gives a totally blank screen. You are just...

Why content is king?

Many website owners make mistakes when it comes to generate traffic. They focus too much on getting traffic using meager search engine optimization techniques rather than focusing on high quality content. It is very easy to understand why content is king. To answer...

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