Unblock blocked websites, hide your IP and protect your privacy with free VPNs

Virtual Private Network or VPN is a great way to secure oneself from online threats while using the Internet. It encrypts your internet connection so that data sent over the internet is not easily accessible by others. If you have decided to use VPN and looking for the best free VPN software service providers then this article is for you.
I was in a similar situation like you when I decided to use VPN and was searching for good VPN software. I spent a good amount of time trying different VPN softwares that I downloaded from different websites, but not all of them worked as expected. I do not want you to spend a lot of time searching for the best free VPN on Google. That is why I have compiled a list of the best and free VPN service providers that will let you secure your online transactions and any other data sent over the internet for free.

HotSpot Shield Free VPN Software

HotSpot Shield provides free VPN service. However, as nothing in this world is completely free, case is same with HotSpot Shield. The free version of HotSpot Shield’s VPN solution comes with ads that can be annoying at times. If you do not want to see ads by them, they give you option to upgrade to HotSpot Shield Elite. If you do not mind seeing their ads, you can continue with their free version. To use free version, simply visit: www.hotspotshield.com and download their VPN software, install it on your device and that is it. You get the option to “Pause” the protection and also change the virtual location.
Free VPNs

Spotflux Free VPN

It is a great alterative to HotSpot Shield. If you hate ads by HotSpot Shield and need a good alternate for it, Spotflux can be a great choice. Spotflux also offers two options. If you want more features they let you choose Premium. They also serve you ads in free version, but I found their ads less annoying compared to HotSpot Shield. It worked perfectly fine for the first time, however after my computer’s restart it didn’t work even after reinstalling it. There can be an issue with my computer and you can give it a try for free and see if it works for you. To try it, visit: www.spotflux.com and download their free software for your device.

Cyber Ghost VPN

If you do not like Spotflux and HotSpot Shield, you should give a try to Cyber Ghost VPN’s free software. They also offer paid version. However their free version is great and you will love it. I recommend it as one of the best VPN service provider. You can visit: www.cyberghostvpn.com and download their free version. In case you consider buying their paid version, you can pay them via bitcoin as well.

VPN Book

VPN Book is a great solution for your VPN needs. You get access to US, UK and Europe servers. This 100% free VPN solution lets you surf the Internet securely, unblock websites with the help of Free OpenVPN and PPTP VPN. You get the option to select your preferred VPN type without registering or singing in. If you are looking for a secure and fast VPN solution, VPN Book can be your preferred partner. Try it for free from: www.vpnbook.com

Free VPN .ME

Like VPN Book, Free VPN .ME also offers FREE OpenVPN and PPTP accounts without signing up. For enhanced security you get free double VPN that using Multihop network encrypts traffic through additional layers of security. It provides unlimited bandwidth so you never need to worry about your usage limits. You may visit: freevpn.me to try it for free.

If you think there is any other better free VPN solution, please let us know in the comments below.