How to make 2018 an awesome year!

21 Dec , 2017  

Congratulations, you completed another year on this planet. This year instead of wishing a happy new year, let me share what actually helps to make life organized and happy (this post is only for those who want to learn and improve their lives). Continuous growth is the ultimate goal. For ease, it’s divided in four parts. Let’s start with the first:

Money: I put it first instead of health as we are much aware about health these days but not yet about money. We are so obsessed with earning money that never actually learn or say no one teaches us how to manage it well. You may be earning 10M/year but at the end if you spend 9.99M, you actually made only 100K. In other words there is always a scope to cut expenses. Do it unless you want to live paycheck to paycheck for your life.

If your house is your biggest investment, you are financially illiterate.

If you think your car, fancy gadgets (phones, cameras etc.,) that you actually don’t need, but just buy for show off and that too on EMIs, you are in trouble.

If you can’t survive a year without working, you are in a serious need to learn how to manage things better.

If a big part of your salary or earning is going to repay loans, think again if you actually needed that thing on loan. Most probably you didn’t.

If you dream of buying new house, fancy things, cars, traveling abroad if you would get some big money, you are NEVER actually going to be really rich.

So, what is the remedy? It is simple but really unexciting. Don’t live for others, but for yourself, your family. Overcome peer pressure of buying things that you don’t need, impulse buying and avoid bad loans like plague.

For wealth creation, try to follow this formula. Invest 80% of your earnings and survive on 20%. If you can’t live on 20% increase your income so that you could survive on 20%. The 80% investment should help you create more income flow. If you can’t yet, start slowly and increase it.

Have an emergency fund equivalent to your 6-8 months of monthly expenses. Learn about the investment options and as per your risk appetite invest in them. When investing, note: real estate is no longer a great investment idea. Invest for long term, start with mutual funds, you may start as low as 500/month, not a big deal, right, and everybody can do. If you fear the market’s volatility then two things to note: 1. The longer the investment horizon, the least the risk. 2. Sometimes taking no risk is actually risking more, inflation, remember?

In short, no matter how big or small you are earning, you can cut your expenses, start saving and investing more to create the wealth so that you could stop living a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle (a rat race in actual). Financial freedom should be the first goal.

We live in the most exciting times. Our grand-parents and ancestors never had these privileges. We can sit in our bedroom and earn as much as we want. There was a never better time than this. Your chances of becoming a millionaire or billionaire are more than anytime earlier. Get set go…

Health: I think no need to say. Everything is a big zero if you are not fit or healthy. It is wise to get a healthy lifestyle than paying your hard earned money to doctors or drug companies. If you have started to get those extra inches and love handles, start today. Please don’t excuse yourself about time. Nothing is more important than your health. 15 minutes a day exercise, avoiding unhealthy foods, drinking a lot of water and positive thinking are enough to keep you in good shape, both physically and mentally.

Relationships: Your family is the most important part of your life. Nobody is going to be there when you are on your deathbed except your family.

People those who don’t challenge or help you move forward in your life or bring negativity need not to be part of your life. There are actually more gold diggers around us than we imagine. Avoid them.
The one who really cares is going to standby you in all circumstances. If they don’t, better let them go. No matter how badly you think you need someone, time heals everything. You are sum of people you spend most time with, so choose your circle wisely. Networking is overrated. The best network you can have is in your wallet or bank account.

Knowledge: Read, think, implement, learn, Repeat.

Make your 2018 awesome as you are the only person to do that, not anybody’s wishes going to do that. 😉

Rajdeep Singh

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